The Ca'Mora Brand Story

Each item in the Ca'Mora brand is made using organic or natural ingredients. I believe that through healthy skin we are able to share our natural beauty with the world. I love every product that is offered through my company and it is my goal to share my love and passion for healthy skin and natural beauty with you. Ca'Mora is where healthy skin meets luxury.

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Ca'Mora Skin Moisturizing Sugar Scrubs and Body Butters

Eucalyptus Mint  body butter for moisturized skin.Eucalyptus Mint body butter multiple jar collage.

Ca'Mora Skin Moisturizing Body Oil

  • Organic Ingredients

    Every product featured here at Ca'Mora is made using organic, natural ingredients. Amazing herbs include lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, and vanilla to name a few. You can be confident that what you purchase will promote healthy, moisturized skin.

  • Moisturized Skin and Hair

    My primary goal is to design products which promote healthy and moisturized skin and hair. Each ingredient is selected for it's healing properties. Tutorials, blogs and videos will all work together to help you better care for your skin and hair.

  • Exceptional Customer Experience

    When I started Ca'Mora I set at it's foundation that I would grow only as much as I am able to control the quality of both the product and customer experience. Each customer can be rest assurred that I lead every aspect of customer service for Ca'Mora and will always continue to do so. Monique, your skin care designer.

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Meet Your Designer

My name is Monique Summers and I was born and live in Omaha, Nebraska. I have worked in healthcare for over 25 years. I developed a passion and hobby for learning about organic oils and natural responses to skin care concerns to address my own natural hair and skin health needs. When the challenges of the pandemic wreaked havoc on my skin, this passion developed into the Ca'Mora brand that you see today. I love every product in my collections and it is my prayer that you love them as well. Enjoy shopping here at Ca'Mora.

Monique, BS, BSN, MSN, MPA