Ca'Mora Connect, Four Tips To Help Your Skin Survive This Winter

Ca'Mora Connect, Four Tips To Help Your Skin Survive This Winter

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Cold winter weather can do a number on our skin.  The months of November through March are often the times when we find ourselves with excessive dry skin.  Having a simple, daily routine can help improve the moisture of your skin enhancing its softness.

Four Tips To Help Your Skin Survive This Winter

  1. Limit the use of harsh soaps.  Soaps with harsh chemicals and sulfates can be drying to the skin.  Minimize the use of sulfates to prevent excessive dryness.
  2. Pay attention to your wardrobe. Fabrics such as heavy cottons and wool have a higher affinity to the moisture in your skin than your skin does.  Although they are often the fabric of choice for many winter articles of clothing, choosing fabrics such as silk or satin can reduce moisture lost to your clothing.
  3. Use a humidifier. This can help keep moisture in the air around you which makes it available to replenish dry skin.  It is recommended to set humidifiers at 60% during the winter months.
  4. Seal moisture in your skin by applying quality oil. One good tip is to shower, apply your lotion or body butter if you are using one, then apply a good quality body oil.  Applying the oil immediately after a shower or following the application of your lotion will help seal that moisture in improving the softness of your skin.  Do this daily during the cold winter months.

We all want soft skin, and CáMora is where healthy skin meets luxury.  Visit for an amazing selection of all natural body oils made from organic ingredients.  These are the perfect solution to sealing in moisture during these cold winter months.  Scents include Lavender, Jasmine, Citrus, Mango, Rosemary, Lavender-Vanilla, Lemongrass and Calendula, and Rose and Hibiscus.  Each scent comes in two sizes.  Enjoy free shipping on any order $65 or more.

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Thanks for the tips!! I have very very dry skin and your products are AWESOME! I have bought some body butters and some of your oils. My skin feels very refreshed when I use them!!


Happy New Year! I purchased some lotion and oils last month. I’ve been using it on my feet religiously and I must say that your products are saving my hands and feet this winter. Thank you and take care!!

Esmeralda Palmquist

Thank you for these tips. I don’t usually have dry skin but I will brag that the lavender soap I purchased from your online store is Ahhhmazing!!!! I will be visiting again to try different products.

Ms Rhea

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