Ca'Mora Connect, Promoting Healthy Moisturized Skin and Hair

Ca'Mora Connect, Promoting Healthy Moisturized Skin and Hair

Healthy, radiant skin and hair is a hallmark trait of natural beauty.  When a person’s skin has a natural glow, it helps build their confidence.  You may even see an extra stride in their walk. It helps make us feel good about how we appear to others.  Although the true essence of beauty can only be captured by searching inside for who we truly are, there isn’t anything wrong with the desire to appear physically beautiful to the world.  Amazing physical beauty starts with healthy lavender body oil in lavender field.  promote moisturized skin and healthy skin

There are literally hundreds of blogs at your fingertips, accessible by a quick Google search on the subject of healthy skin.  The goal of this blog for me is to convene a place where we can talk about our skin.  We can discuss what we have tried and how it turned out.  We can share our challenges and our successes.  Maybe, through this medium, we can collectively support one another.  None of us have perfect skin, myself included.  What I have learned is that by understanding how different chemicals and various ingredients (natural or man-made) effect my skin and hair, I can make better choices regarding what I want to put in and on my body. 

A Little Insight Into Your Author

I started Ca'Mora Personal Care Products  after years of investigating with oils and butters to help nurture my hair and skin.  It started after a nursing missionary trip to South Sudan.  During the month- long journey, our group stayed at a compound that did not have running water or electricity.  Knowing that, I decided to get braids put into my thick, tightly coiled African-American hair before I left.  In my mind, not having to wash, blow dry, comb, etc would help me get through the mission without looking a hot mess.  Aesthetically, the braids did accomplish that goal.  The problem occurred when I returned and took the braids down.  My hair was dry and brittle despite my futile attempts to keep it hydrated in the African heat.  My hair was so badly broken and damaged that I decided to cut most of it off and start over.  The blessing hidden in this tragedy was that starting over meant I had an opportunity to change it all.

I re-started my hair care journey without any chemicals.  Most of the items that went into my hair were found in the kitchen pantry.  I have grown my hair out thick and beautiful using natural herbs and ingredients.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate a good store purchased shampoo or conditioner because I do, especially for convenience, but for the most part, I choose to make the items that go into caring for my hair.

Fast forward a couple of years and Covid strikes our wonderful planet.  As a nurse working on a Covid unit, I washed my hands so many times a day that my skin would literally burn at the end of my shift.  I began to experiment with oils and butters to help soothe the pain that I felt at the end of a long work day.  I started to have some success and began sharing the oils with my colleagues.  Other staff in the hospital began coming to me for advice, asking me to make them more oils or butters (for both skin and hair).  Soon I realized that I wasn’t the only person struggling with these issues and that maybe I had a talent that other people may benefit from.  With the encouragement of a friend, Ca'Mora was launched in the late summer of 2021.

In less than six months, over 1000 bottles of the Ca'Mora Organic Body Oils have been sold and the company is quickly growing with orders placed spanning both borders of the country.  At its foundation and a large part of why this company is growing so quickly is the fact that for me, connecting with people who have questions or just need a safe place to vent and share their needs, challenges, and successes with skin care is what’s most important.  This is why I am starting Ca'Mora Connect . 

Ca'Mora Connect will be a newsletter and blog where I will share the information that I have learned about the benefits and features of the herbs and other natural ingredients used in the products offered through Ca'Mora. I will bring you along on my continued journey of learning more so that I can bring you more!  Of course, there will be the occasional promotions email letting you know about a new product or a specific sale (it wouldn’t be a products company if I didn’t do that, lol), but the core of this newsletter and blog is to create a place for us to learn from one another and share with each other.  I don’t know how many people will show up, hey I may find myself talking to myself some weeks, but you can count of me showing up and sharing my passion for healthy skin with you.

Let’s connect.  Let me know in the comments, what skin issue are you wrestling with?  What have you tried and how did it work? 

Until next time,

Your Skin Care Product Designer,


Ca’Mora, Where Healthy Skin Meets Luxury

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