Seven Tips to Prepare for Spring

Seven Tips to Prepare for Spring

The hustle, bustle, and excitement of the summer is quickly coming to an end.  Before we know it, the beauty of the Fall season will be upon us.  Fall is my favorite time of the year.  I love the vibrant colors (especially oranges, reds, and browns) and the fragrance of leaves shedding and plants preparing themselves for the winter.

Ca'Mora Fall Display

As a small business owner, when I stay on top of things, it helps me have more time to enjoy with my family and friends.  I really enjoy taking my grandchildren to one of our local pumpkin patches in the Fall.  The following is my list of Fall tasks to complete to keep my home, my work life, and my business running smoothly.

  1. Bring in or cover outdoor items while they are still dry. Once outdoor cushions, pillows, and blankets get wet, managing their care is more difficult.  Getting these items put away early saves me time and money.
  2. I make a list of indoor tasks that I would like to get done before Spring. Having a clear list of goals helps me manage downtime and prepare financial resources.
  3. When Fall hits, it is time to protect our summer thriving foliage and replace them with the Fall beauties. I enjoy bright yellow mums on my front porch!
  4. Get someone to clean the gutters, or at least that is how I do it! Enough said.
  5. Wash windows inside and out. I truly love looking outside down on the beautiful foliage of the lake through crisp clean windows.  Clean windows elevate my mood just making everything better.
  6. Dig out my family’s favorite holiday recipes. My girls love this special cream corn that I make, and my homemade cheesecake is everyone’s favorite.  Having ingredients on hand is a plus anytime they drop by.
  7. Dig out holiday décor early. Nebraska winters can be cold and will often surprise us and show up early.  Digging holiday décor out of the shed while the weather is still nice makes for a much more pleasant decorating experience.  Enjoy a warm Fall day by getting the house all decked out for the holidays.

 Ca'Mora Relax and Refuel

These are the top seven ways that I prepare my family for the Fall and gear up for a busy holiday season with Ca’Mora.  Your traditions may differ, but I encourage you to always prioritize loved ones no matter how you prepare for the change of seasons.

When the holidays get busy and you find yourself needing a break or in need of pampering yourself, you will find the best self-care products here at Ca’Mora.  I can also take care of your holiday gift shopping!  See the wonderful selection of gift boxes in the Bundles Collection at Ca’Mora.

Enjoy Fall’s Blessings,


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