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  • Ca'Mora organic beard care kit comes in two sizes.
  • Ca'Mora citrus organic beard oil with ingredients.
  • Ca'Mora Down to earth organic beard oil product label with ingredients.
  • Ca'Mora Sandalwood organic beard oil with ingredients.
  • Ca'Mora tobacco vanilla organic beard oil with ingredients.
  • Ca'Mora whiskey tobacco organic beard oil with ingredients.
  • Ca'Mora organic beard balm product label with ingredients.
  • Ca'Mora Sweet musk shea butter soap label.
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CáMora Personal Care Products

Beard Care Collection Kit- Limited Edition

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The Ca’Mora Beard Oil Collection Kit is one of the best beard and facial care kits available.  Included you will find the Ca’Mora Shave and Beard Oils in scents Down to Earth (earthy), Sandalwood (light earthy), Tobacco Vanilla (masculine), Whiskey Tobacco (masculine), and our Signature Organic Classic (citrus).  Also included is one, one ounce jar of Ca’Mora Beard Balm (citrus), Sweet Musk Shea Butter Soap, a wide tooth beard comb and 100% boar beard brush all inside of a hanging travel toiletry bag.  Included with each purchase is the Ca’Mora Beard Care Instruction Guide. 

(The three oil kit comes with Citrus, Down to Earth, and Whiskey Tobacco.  Feel free to reqeust a substitution)

The Ca’Mora beard oil ingredients focus on skin health first.  They are formulated to penetrate the skin while imparting vitamins and minerals which will improve the health and appearance of your skin.  Healthy skin can then produce a flawless beard.  You will experience reduced coarseness of facial hair making it more pliable.  You will also enjoy styling your facial hair and basking in the scents that accompany the great nutrition.  Beard problems such as dandruff will become a thing of the past!  Order this limited collection now!