The Benefits of Roses in Organic Skin Care Products

The Benefits of Roses in Organic Skin Care Products

The spring blooming of roses and the fragrant scent that they release is one of my favorite times of the year.  In my garden I have several areas filled with roses whose scents easily fill my kitchen and living room. I look forward to picking vases full of the beautiful colors to display in my home or share with my neighbors and friends.

Each ingredient used in the Ca’Mora line of products is intentionally chosen for the benefits that they offer to improving the health of our skin.  I chose to infuse the elements and oils from organic roses into the Ca’Mora Rose and Hibiscus body oil because it is a powerhouse of skin loving nutrition.  The following discussion focuses on how your skin may benefit from this amazing ingredient.

In nature roses are naturally hydrating and a powerful healer for skin.  This makes roses especially great for dry skin.  When the essential oils of roses are extracted for use in skin care products, they aide in protecting moisture loss in all skin types by serving as a natural moisture retention barrier.  When the moisture that we place into our skin through water or other moisturizers is able to stay within the skin’s surface, our skin softens and feels great to the touch.

Free radicals are biological elements that have an unpaired electron in it’s outer surface.  This lone electron searches to be paired with another electron and will damage other healthy cells in its quest to find a match.  It is well known that antioxidants help heal the skin by neutralizing these free radicals.  The antioxidants available in roses help strengthen the skin cells while improving skin appearance.  The antioxidant powers of roses help fight the visible signs of aging.

A wonderful benefit of using roses in skin care products are the vitamins that your skin will receive.  Roses are packed with vitamins A and C which offer significant skin benefits including smoothing the appearance of wrinkles, reducing the appearance of age spots, and increasing collagen production.  When products use rose hip oil, they benefit from the naturally produced retinol.  Retinol, a fat soluble component of vitamin A, increases skin cell production, helps unclog pores, exfoliates the skin, and increases collagen production.  These benefits reduce the appearance of wrinkles while giving the skin a full, moisturized appearance.

The anti-inflammatory nature of rose oils helps to reduce skin problems which cause redness.  The natural retinol and fatty acids available in roses can aide in soothing the skin, reducing inflammation, and improving conditions such as eczema. 

The skin benefits listed above (anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, hydrating, and antioxidizing) all work together to help balance the production of oil on the skin, while reducing excess oil production.  When your skin is well hydrated and free from the damage of unrulily free radicals, it presents balanced.  The overall result is healthier looking skin.

I am proud to source organic roses and rose essential oils for the Ca’Mora Rose and Hibiscus Organic body oil.  This body oil is ready to provide you with the optimal health benefits that roses have to offer.  Visit Rose and Hibiscus Organic Body Oil to learn more about this amazing product.

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Monique Summers, RN, MSN, MPA.  Your skin care product designer.

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